Mutianyu Bus
Mutianyu Bus
Direct bus to Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

There’re 20 watchtowers from east to west at Mutianyu Great Wall. The best scenery is at west part which rises higher. There’re entrances to the Wall at Tower 6/7/8/12/14. You can access the Wall either by cable up or on foot. In peak season in summer (July/August), it’s very hot (32-25 C) and humid, so bring enough water if you walk the Wall all the way on foot.

Suggested routes as following:

  1. Take one-way cable up to Tower 14, and walk westward/lefthand to Tower 20, and then come back all the way to Tower 6, and take toboggan downhill. It’s a long and steep section between Tower 19 and 20, but once reach the top of Tower 20, you will have panoramic view of the whole Mutianyu section, which is stunning particularly in summer with all greenery scenery. You can stop and come back by Tower 19 if it’s difficult for you, or if you come with kids. It’s a must for kids to take the toboggan downhill and a lot of fun here. Kids love the toboggan very much. Please note that in peak season in summer, there’s a long queue for toboggan and the toboggan speed is also slow. It even saves time by walking downhill then.
  2. If you’re not keen to toboggan, and not an active adventurer, and travel without kids, then take double-way cable car up and down. By reaching the Wall by cable car up to Tower 14, you can walk westward to Tower 20, and then come back to Tower 14 and downhill by cable car again.
  3. If you’re energetic and active traveler, you can walk up to Tower 12 to access the Wall, and walk westward to Tower 20, and then come back to Tower 6, and walk downhill.

For any above suggestions, 5-hour is enough for your visit to Mutianyu Great Wall. If you come downhill earlier, you can have a rest at our restaurant at Mubus Family.

Further up to Jiankou in the west

To the west of Mutianyu Great Wall, it’s the wild part of Jiankou Great Wall. Previously you can go further up for another 3 watchtowers after Tower 20, which is recently restored and just very few people. Unfortunately the authority erected a barrier wall to stop tourists due to safety concern. You may find some locals climbing over the barrier wall to go further. Frankly speaking, the scenery on top is unparalleled. One ancient Chinese poem goes like this “Try to ascend the mountain’s crest, it dwarfs all peaks under our feet.” The rule is that you can follow suits if some locals do so. Obviously you will be responsible for your own adventure. It’s not dangerous anyway on these 3 watchtowers. If you take this section, it’s suggested you take double-way cable car up and down. Once you reach Tower 22/23, you may want to take a break and enjoy the stunning scenery without any crowds. Double-way cable car will save your time for break on the very top. For further west into the wild section, it depends on your energy and time. The risks are manageable but you have to very active and advanced hikers. Where’s the end of Wall? No, no end… until the Gobi desert in west China.